How do I create a group?

Creating a group

Creating groups is only available to active pro-level subscribed members of forghetti. To find out about subscribing to be a pro-level member please visit this FAQ.

The groups functionality within forghetti is a great way to share codes with family, friends and colleagues without having to resort to sending logins via email or short message.

  • Gone are the days when you are struggling to login to the Amazon account and your other half is at work.

  • Gone are the days when you cannot share the iTunes login with your family.

  • Gone are the days when colleagues have post-it notes or a black book with their passwords in it.

Simply decide on a family doodle or work group doodle and you can then create a group and invite users to join your group.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the groups tab

  2. Click to add a group

  3. Select the option to create a group

  4. Enter a title or name for your group

  5. Add an icon to your group

  6. Enable the group to be shared and define how many members the group can have

  7. Click create and you will return to the groups tab with a new group created

How can I switch from one group to another?

On the mobile app there are several ways to change your current group:

  1. You can simply click on the group name at the top of the login screen and all your groups will display. Selecting one of the other groups will automatically switch your current group.

  2. You can click on the groups tab. Select the group that you wish to switch to. Scroll to the bottom of the group details page and click to switch to this group.

On the desktop and browser apps, the groups are visible on the left hand menu bar at all times. Simply clicking on the group icon will switch you to view the logins within that group.

How do I delete a group?

Deleting a group can only be carried out by the group owner. Simply click on the group name and scroll to the bottom of the group details page and you can see the option to delete the group.

Note that if you delete a group, this is not recoverable, so you would lose all the logins held within that group.

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