What we're about

Building beautiful clever tech to make logging in easy

We love apps and websites that enhance our online lives. forghetti does just that: removing frustration, increasing cyber security and keeping your memory for memories.

Our story

Like you, in order to remember passwords, we had drawers of tatty notes, dog-eared stickies on monitors and notebooks or spreadsheets of 'clever' codes. Rather than just wishing things were different, we decided to fix them.

None of the new ways to 'securely store' passwords felt good enough. Storing them at all didn't feel safe.

Enter forghetti: a way to securely generate and recall passwords with code not storage.

Today we use forghetti for all our login details: with each other at work and with our families and friends at home. Free up your brain too. Forget about passwords.


The beginning

Seed funding raised to begin work on our little big idea.

V1 released

First version of the forghetti app released on IOS and Android.



V1 enhancements live

Improvements include IOS and Android autofill.

V2 released

Additions include version for desktop, browser and a chrome extension.



Innovation acknowledged

Shortlisted for KPMG Private Enterprise Tech Innovator in the UK.

Asian launch

Live launch in Hong Kong with mobile service provider CSL.



V3 released

Biometric recognition, secure partner integration, UX/UI enhancement package including speed optimisation.

Biometric recognition, secure partner integration, UX/UI enhancement package including speed optimisation.

  • Tagging
  • More languages
  • Desktop biometric support
  • Hidden groups
  • Importing services
  • Remote logins
  • 1:1 sharing
  • Doodle editing
  • Advanced group sharing
Company values
forghetti password management and generation application with secure QR code authentication

We’re passionate about the creation and security of beautiful tech.


We’re about making something difficult downright easy.


We want to make a real, honest difference to real people, their lives and businesses.

Our leadership team

A unique blend of skills and experience


Latest stories

forghetti joins forces with CSL Mobile Limited to revolutionise password security among csl/1O1O customers
forghetti joins forces with CSL Mobile Limited to revolutionise password security among csl/1O1O customers
forghetti today announced an exclusive cyber security agreement with CSL Mobile Limited, Hong Kong's leading mobile communications service provider, to equip csl and 1O1O customers with the innovative forghetti password management solution.
Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Cybersecurity Awareness Month
October is cybersecurity awareness month and we are sharing 5 ways to stay cyber safe. We are offering 6 months free forghetti premium access to celebrate cybersecurity awareness month.
KPMG Tech Innovator in the UK
KPMG Tech Innovator in the UK
We're delighted to have been shortlisted for the #techinnovatoruk South West and Wales
Medium.com: 5 things you need to know
Medium.com: 5 things you need to know
Use the digital world to advertise your app as effectively as possible. This could mean working with Google, Apple, and other channels to get forghetti in front of people every day of the week. Find your partners - app developers, PR teams, graphic designers - to spread the word. We are very grateful to all our subscribers who tell people about forghetti - that is the goal and it's fantastic to see them recommend us.
We have an important announcement to make.
We have an important announcement to make.
We are offering forghetti premium free of charge for 2020. forghetti premium is now free until the end of 2020 for all users in all countries around the world. There are many ways to make sure you are secure online - a password manager should be one of your first steps. It's a small and quick step - so please use it and be safe.
Change your passwords.
Change your passwords.
Change your passwords regularly. If you receive strange emails, unrequested password change emails or any other suspicious activity, time is of the essence - change your passwords. If you read about any breaches to services you use, change your passwords. Changing them regularly can be double-edged. Many people really do try their best, and in doing so they may come up with increasingly weak passwords due to lack of patience and creativity. If you do have the healthy habit of changing passwords regularly, but your password goes from "zoj$j935J" to "12345" perhaps it's best to consider using a password manager that can generate them for you. You can set a monthly reminder in your calendar to change your passwords to your most important accounts.
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