New release: forghetti Carbonara

forghetti Carbonara brings biometric generation and more
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The new release of forghetti Carbonara (v3) marks a major milestone in forghetti's development.

We have introduced lots of new functionality as well as improving the speed and usability of the application throughout.

New features include:

  • Biometric password generation and doodle playback
  • Advanced notifications and customer information
  • QR code authentication
  • Major UX enhancements
  • Major performance enhancements throughout the platform.
About Biometric password generation

We have always loved the fact that not storing your passwords anywhere gives all our users complete peace of mind. Introducing the ability to use biometrics (faceID or fingerprintID) to generate your passwords does not change this.

Using the security features available on your phone or tablet, forghetti securely encrypts your doodle on your device. Note that the doodle is not stored on the forghetti servers, but only on the specific device. Once the biometric feature is enabled, you skip the doodle drawing screen on the application and your passwords are generated automatically when your biometric authentication is successful. No less secure, passwords are calculated when you need them. This is a great time saver and just adds to the security of the system.

Note that if anyone was to steal your phone or tablet, and even if they knew your phone PIN number, your forghetti application remains secure since the default fall back when biometrics fail is your doodle.

Never fear if after months of not needing to draw your doodle, you want to remind yourself what it was, you can replay it back to yourself by unlocking the playback using your biometrics. You can now literally forget everything to do with your passwords!

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