forghetti Features

The safe way to share passwords

Secure group sharing of passwords, PINs and memorable words uniquely generated with code not stored.

Security with Simplicity

Access all your passwords anywhere, on any device, any platform without having to remember any passwords at all. Passwords are generated when you need them.

Security without compromise

The forghetti solution to password management is unlike other vault based platforms. We are very focused on security and all of the forghetti systems are secured, encrypted and controlled by industry leading technologies.

Unlike other platforms where passwords are stored encrypted, we do not store any passwords at all.

How does this work?

When a password is set up within the forghetti application (we call them forghettibles), several unique values are immediately attributed to that forghettible. This will include unique IDs, creation dates and times, modification dates and times as well as other numeric values which are only relevant to that one individual forghettible.

The forghetti platform allows you to draw a doodle which is then encrypted and combined with the other unique values to then generate (or calculate) the forghettible that you need for that particular service.

When securely logged into your account you are able to bring together all the unique variables alongside your doodle to retrieve your forghettible*. Your doodle is never stored by forghetti, and therefore without your input, the encrypted information that is held on the forghetti systems is rendered useless.

Simply speaking, only you and those you authorise through our secure group sharing technology can ever generate any of your forghettibles.

*If you choose, your doodle can be stored on your phone, secured using biometrics.


Sharing passwords securely

The time of sending a family member, colleague or friend over email, SMS or other chat platforms is definitely over. We all know better than that!

Using forghetti you can create groups of passwords easily and can then invite people to be part of that group. It works just like WhatsApp where you can change the permission level for individuals, so that you have admin and read only members of a group.

You can then simply add and remove members as and when you need. When permissions and access is removed, those users will no longer be able to see or generate the passwords.

What do different permissions enable?

Group owners:

This is the creator of the group. You can do anything! You can add and remove members, you can adjust permission levels, and you can do all the adding, editing and removing of services from within that group.

Admin group members:

Admin members can also do most things, but they cannot remove the owner of the group! They can add/remove members, adjust member permissions and can also add, edit and update any passwords.

Read only users:

These members can add services to the group, can generate passwords, but cannot edit, delete or move services from within the group.


Keeping things in sync

The forghetti platform is real-time, so any changes made on one device are automatically synchronised across all others.

From Mac to PC, desktop to tablet and mobile phone, your password generation is immediately available across all your systems.

Small teams and family users can really benefit from this feature when combined with the group sharing. One person creates the account for Amazon Prime and immediately the rest of the group can access it.

How about the situation when you share access to the utilities account. They ask you to update the password every 90 days... no problem. You can update the password in forghetti and immediately all the users who have access will be able to generate the new password when they next need it.


forghetti is for everyone

With individuals in mind from the beginning, forghetti has been designed to enable everyone of all ages to adopt best practices in password management without the fuss and effort of remembering complex passwords.

With one simple doodle, every individual user of forghetti is able to generate a unique and secure password. That means a complex password with no effort at all - long, alphanumeric, including symbols or special characters with a simple doodle. Beautiful and reassuringly easy to be really secure online.

In addition to that, we have now made forghetti available in an ever increasing number of languages. Make yourself at home and switch your settings to your language today. If we do not have it yet, let us know and we will add it into the roadmap. If you see some translations that are not quite perfect, also let us know! We are always looking to improve the platform.


Many passwords, one doodle

Even today most people use one familiar password to access most of the systems and services that they need. After all, it is really difficult to remember one complex password let alone lots of them.

There are some "clever" people who have a formula, maybe three words, a number and a symbol...


Certainly better... but still surprisingly predictable and most importantly very hackable.

Using forghetti means you only need to remember the one doodle. Your doodle, together with all the unique elements for an individual service are used to generate a different password for every service you need.

Remember one doodle and you’ll be able to generate limitless unique passwords.


So accessible, it is remarkable

Over time people have adopted lots of different methods in order to try to be more secure online.

Many people use Apple to generate their passwords for them. The password is certainly complex and easy to use....when on your phone. But what happens when you switch over to your PC to login to your Sky account? Not so simple...

That’s why forghetti is here to help all of those who, like us, find it all very boring!

With forghetti, it’s simple. You go to your device, open forghetti, draw your doodle and there you go... you can insert the password that is generated.

The latest version of forghetti has now enabled password generation using biometrics. Your doodle is replaced by facial recognition or a thumbprint. Now that is truly making life easy.

How it works

Doodle. Retrieve. Relax.

You never have to come up with or remember a complicatedly unique password again. Just one simple shape.

forghetti password management and generation application with secure QR code authentication

All your logins accessible with one simple shape

Energy provider, gym membership, takeout, insurance, parking, travel logins... everything you need. All created and accessed with one simple shape.

Uniquely complex passwords created in seconds

Give up the struggle to create and remember unique, complicated passwords. Countless passwords can be created with a single doodle.

forghetti password management and generation application

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