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Passwords, PIN numbers and memorable words?

Passwords, PIN numbers and memorable words?

Within forghetti you are able to generate numerous different types of passwords, codes, PIN numbers and Memorable words.  We call these “forghettible fields”.  You can do this by editing a service where you can then add additional fields to a login or edit existing fields.

You can generate the following different types:

  • A combination of letters, numbers and very complex symbols
  • A combination of letters, numbers and complex symbols (this is the default)
  • A combination of words, numbers and symbols
  • Letters and numbers
  • Words and numbers
  • Letters only
  • Words only
  • Numbers only (for generating PIN codes of any length)

It is a really great feeling to know that you are able to have a different PIN number across all your bank cards, online systems, printers… you will be more secure than ever before!

Why would I need to use different field types?

The motivation for using different types may be down to a combination of factors:

  • A limitation of the service that you wish to access.
    e.g. Some older websites do not allow for very complex special characters to be used in their password fields.  So in this case you can use the option for “Letters, Numbers and complex characters” only.
  • A need to have something that is easy to verbally share on a temporary basis.
    e.g. You might need to give friends access to a holiday site for a short period to add in their information.  You can share a “Words and Numbers” password more easily than complicated passwords.
  • A need to have something that you can easily transpose.
    e.g. You might need to login to a system that is offline - for example your printer to push scanned documents to Dropbox.  You can use a “Words and Numbers” or a “PIN” to give you a code that is easy to read and copy.
  • For generating memorable words, first pet name, mothers maiden name that is not actually giving real information away.
    e.g. Your bank or credit card company may ask you for a Password, PIN number and a memorable word to access their systems.  forghetti can produce all of these for you.  Even your Mother’s maiden name can be randomly generated by forghetti.
  • For generating pin codes of varying lengths.
    e.g. Do you sometimes need a PIN number to access a system that you use only infrequently?  Do you have a visa card for a bank account that you use only from time to time.  Currently many people use the same PIN across all of their accounts.  Not any more!  The forghetti app generates PIN codes of any length for you to use.  When you next need to remember it, just draw your doodle on your phone and hey-presto, you have it.

Remember - for all of these scenarios, no-one in the forghetti team ever knows your passwords, memorable words, letters, PINs.  They are not stored anywhere.