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How is forghetti different from other Password Managers?

How is forghetti different from other Password Managers?

Using forghetti, your passwords are not stored anywhere they are generated. You can: access passwords across all devices and platforms; share password generation securely with family, friends and co-workers; ensure all your passwords are complex.

Why is this different to other Password Managers?

Many people use their browsers to save passwords, or use their phones to save passwords… It is easy to see why. It is quick. It is convenient. We are encouraged to do it. In fact we would advise the you do use them in conjunction with forghetti.

The benefits of browser and keychain working with forghetti, you get the benefits of speed and convenience with the additional benefits that forghetti brings:

  • Access across all devices and platforms
  • Shared access with your family, co-workers or friends
  • All the passwords you use will be complex without any effort and you will be able to generate them anywhere you have the internet
  • Independence from one ecosystem (you can use Apple, iOS, Microsoft or anything else for that matter... we do not mind!)

Working without forghetti

Using your browser password manager alone does however create a few issues:

  1. Accessibility - in other systems your passwords saved on the computer at home are not accessible on the computer at work.  The passwords on your phone are not on your computer and when you are on the phone to the bank and they want to know the third and fifth digit of your PIN, it is not with you.
  2. Sharing - in your Apple key chain with your family is not so simple, so the solution is to use simple passwords that are easy to share… bad idea! Simple passwords are the root cause of many breaches of security in major systems around the world… which leads me onto the next point…
  3. Database - in other systems all your passwords are stored in a database, encrypted but all the same, stored.