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How does forghetti work?

How does forghetti work?

Think of it like a recipe for each login.  You have your spaghetti (doodle) to which you add various ingredients which combined together creates a delicious meal every time.  forghetti is the same although the ingredients are less edible!


1. One doodle

2. A dash of login IDs

3. A pinch of group IDs

4. A cup of login details

5. A packet of field details

6. Plus a bunch of “secret spices”

We throw all of these together in our “Confoundry” and out is generated your passwords.  The Confoundry is a very clever algorithm which makes it very difficult to reverse engineer the process to establish the original ingredients.

If you add in a different doodle or change the ingredients, the resulting passwords will be different.

Until you put all the ingredients together in the right way and the right place, you cannot generate the passwords.  So that means that no-one in the world other than you with your doodle can generate your passwords.

Simply secure.  No passwords are stored in any database at all.

Even the forghetti team cannot generate your passwords.