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How secure is forghetti?

How secure is forghetti?

forghetti uses the highest levels of encryption and security across the application.

forghetti uses a unique combination of encrypted data combined with the authenticated user's biometric credentials to generate passwords when needed. Until this moment, the passwords do not exist and are not stored ever.

Here are some of the key factors that make forghetti's architecture and platform super secure:
  • Passwords are not stored, they are calculated at the time they are needed by the user
  • The forghetti algorithm combines information that is unique to every individual service, group and user.
  • The app does not store any passwords ever so even if a phone or device is stolen passwords cannot be read without being generated
  • forghetti does not know what the correct doodle is for any user so it is not possible to "brute force attack" the platform
  • If biometrics are enabled to replace the doodle, unlike other applications where the fall back is the phone's pin number, in forghetti the fall back is the doodle. Any unwanted user is none the wiser.
  • All data transfer to and from forghetti is encrypted and secured with a double layer of encryption.
  • Each individual set of data for any service is transferred independently from other data - a hacker would have to break into the SSL connection, and then decrypt multiple sets of data none of which can be linked outside of the application itself.

The forghetti team are highly focused on maintaining a extremely granular approach to the users security and the levels of encryption are of the highest standards.

It should be said that the mechanism is in itself by design secure.