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Lost or stolen devices

Lost or stolen devices

If you have lost or had your device stolen, then we advise that you contact your service provider as soon as possible to prevent unauthorised access to the phone.

Malicious use of forghetti is difficult since the generation of any of your passwords, memorable words, PIN numbers or other forghettibles is reliant on being able to reproduce your doodle.

If the user does know your pin and you have opted to use biometrics, then this still does not help as when biometrics fail, the user is asked to enter their doodle. So having stolen your device the thief if none the wiser… even if they know your PIN number to your phone.

The beauty of forghetti is that without knowing your doodle, no passwords are stored anywhere and no-one can access them through the app.

In the meantime, you can access all your password via forghetti online at

We do advise in any instance that you look to remotely lock your phone or other device.

We hope that you are successful in having your device returned.