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How do I logout from forghetti?

How do I logout from forghetti?

One of the great benefits of forghetti is that you are able to access forghetti on numerous devices at any given time. Never again do you need to worry about not having access to your passwords.

One downside of this is that you can find that you have numerous sessions open across multiple platforms.

It is best practice to logout from the app when you have finished using it on a computer that you do not access frequently.  Simply click on the profile tab and you can click the logout link and this will terminate the current session.

If you wish to logout of all the sessions that you have across all devices, you can.

Again navigate to the profile tab and then click on the menu to Devices.  From here you can see a list of all the sessions that you have and you have the option to logout from them all by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen.