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Biometric security

Biometric security

Biometric passwords generation

With the release of forghetti Carbonara, we have introduced the support of biometrics as an alternative to drawing the pattern or doodle to generate your passwords, PIN numbers or memorable words.

This does not change the fundamental workings of the platform and your doodle is never stored on forghetti's servers.

Note also that the default fall back to biometric password generation is the doodle and not your phone or tablet pin number.

We hope that this makes using forghetti even easier, quicker and more secure when you are in a public place.

You can enable and disable biometrics for individual groups from within the group settings or by navigating to Profile > Store your doodle with biometrics

If you are worried that you might one day forget your original doodle, you can "playback" the doodle from within your locally secured keychain by clicking the playback button. Note that in order to view the playback, you need to authenticate with your biometric login.

Biometrics are available uniquely on each device. They are not shared across platforms.

Biometrics lock on the app

You can also enable a biometric login to open the app. This is enabled and disabled from within the menu: Profile > App Preferences