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All about your doodle

All about your doodle

The forghetti doodle is a great way to be able to access all your passwords, memorable words and PIN numbers without having to remember some long winded “master password”.  Have some fun with it, make it memorable, make it creative, make it interestingly complex.

It is easy to use.  With the forghetti doodle, you can lift your finger off the doodlepad and then draw again, so making the doodle potentially very complex and therefore very secure.  Try a combination of gestures and dots to create fun shapes and/or patterns.

Letters, numbers, shapes… you name it, it is amazing what you can create with a nine point grid.

How long should my doodle be?

The length combined with the multi-layered nature of your doodle makes it more challenging to replicate, but also enables you to create interesting doodles.  There is no limit.

Do I need to create a different doodle for every login?

Certainly not!  One doodle is all you need per group.  For each group that you share with others, you would want to create a doodle.

If you are simply using groups to help to arrange your logins, then you could happily use the same doodle across all those groups. It is only when you share a group, that you need to have a different doodle.


From forghetti Carbonara (version 3 of the platform), onwards you can also now "replace" your doodle on mobile devices using the biometric security provided by iOS and Android systems.

This does not change anything fundamentally, your passwords are still generated when you need them. It is however a super time saver as you only need your fingerprint or facial ID.