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Introduction to the Partner Portal

Introduction to the Partner Portal

With the increasing adoption of gated internet services the number of passwords and systems that individuals are asked to sign up to has exploded.

In turn, despite the best efforts from authorities and systems providers themselves, the level of password security adopted by consumers has not improved.

Data shows that 80% of breaches exploit weak or stolen passwords* and 82% involve a human element.

In order to work with companies and business owners to mitigate the risk associated with poor password management, we have developed the forghetti Partner Portal.

The portal enables any business to register and to build a web script (see here for more details), which can be embedded into an authentication page enabling any forghetti user to login using a QR code.

In this way, there are numerous benefits to both the business and the user.

For the user:
  • They gain access to the business platform securely without any effort
  • They are encourage by their service provider to easily adopt best password management practice
  • They are reassured that the service they are using is secure and that the business has their best interests at heart
For the business:
  • There is no additional cost for adopting this technology
  • The business encourages all their subscribers to adopt forghetti and thereby they secure the front door to their platforms
  • The business relationship with the customer is strengthened as the customer feels loved and the business is reassuringly secure
  • The ongoing cost of security can be re-assigned to other more value adding services and the barriers to growth are reduced