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How do I refer a friend to forghetti?

How do I refer a friend to forghetti?

Thank you very much for your interest in spreading the word of forghetti.

In order to refer someone to forghetti, you need to send the person you would like to invite your personal referral link.  If you are on a free subscription, referring people to forghetti can enable you to gain more logins without any cost.

To obtain your referral link follow the following steps.

  1. Click on the tab to view your profile
  2. Click on the link to invite a friend
  3. Numerous sharing options will present themselves automatically.  You can then send your friend or colleague your referral code by email, SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp or any other messaging application you have on your device.
  4. Your friend on receipt of the referral link will be taken to the forghetti website and will be given some instructions on how to install the application.