How do I update my profile details?

To edit your profile details on both mobile and desktop applications follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the Profile tab.

  2. Click on your profile name.

  3. Click edit and you can edit your name as well as upload a new profile photo.

Note that your profile name and photo is only visible to you and to those users in groups where you are a member.

How do I change my registered phone number?

This can be done through the desktop app or browser application.

  1. Navigate to Profile > Account > Change number.

  2. Enter your new number and click the link to send a verification code.

  3. An SMS will be sent to your number. Enter this number and your number change will be approved.

Profile security

Unlike popular messaging applications forghetti do not share your data with anyone other than those with whom you choose. There is no directory of forghetti users that is accessible to any user.

Make forghetti yours: Updating your colour scheme and colour mode

Within forghetti we have enabled users to choose between night and day mode as well as to choose between a handful of lovely colours:

  • Flawless blue

  • Fresh green

  • Fearless red

  • Feel-good orange

  • Friendly yellow

Simply edit these settings within your profile and from that moment onwards these colours will apply across all your forghetti applications.

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