How do I subscribe?

Subscribe for Free to get started

Simply install the app and set up your account using your mobile phone number. An SMS verification PIN code is sent to you from Google’s Cloud Authentication and hey presto you are into the app and you are a user for life free of charge.

There are limits to the free-user subscription.

  1. You have a limit on the number of logins and forghettible fields that you can create. You can add to this limit by introducing other users to forghetti, by rating forghetti, but ultimately there is a limit.

  2. You cannot create groups

  3. You can join one group. That group can only belong to a paid user and you can only join that group as a read only user (you cannot create logins but you can draw the group doodle and access)

We believe this is perfect for families and small teams where there is one paid user (parent) and then everyone else can share the family group logins. Perfect - no ties, not major cost and everyone is secure.

How to become a Pro-user?

Once you have installed forghetti and then decide that you would like to benefit from the Pro-user features, simply navigate to the app store by clicking the upgrade links within the app. You can upgrade on the Google Play or Apple App Store as normal.

You may have noticed, forghetti never holds any of your data. No passwords, no card details, no names, no addresses…. we believe in maintaining your privacy as much as is technically possible whilst still being able to fulfil the service.

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