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Out of sight, out of my mind


In the cupboard under my sink is a little green compost bin. You probably have one too. But mine’s not stuffed with eggshells and peelings. Don’t be silly - it’s where I keep the earrings my grandma left me. A silver pendant from my mum. And a blinkered-blind faith that no burglar would ever think of looking there.

I am, of course, completely wrong. But this blind trust is comforting: I’ve done something. I’ve taken precautions. And of course, it’ll never happen to me.

The truth is, our precious things can still be found, wherever we hide them. Anything stored can be discovered. And if you think I’m blinkered about the family hand-me-downs, you can imagine the state my online passwords. Or should I say, password.

Oh I know. I ought to have a different password for every site I log into. But really, who has the time? Or the computer-sized brain to think up and remember them? I can hardly remember to keep the fridge stocked with milk, never mind how my milkandmore password might differ from my Amazon one. It is unrealistic for me to invent a system of password variables that really would keep my accounts safe from online burglary.

That’s why not storing passwords makes total sense. And why forghetti is for people like me. Lots of protection sites will store complicated passwords for you. But forghetti™ doesn’t. Your passwords are whipped up out of thin air the moment you need them, and gone just as fast as they came. Out of nothing, into nothing. Nothing could be safer.

Thank goodness for that. Faith in security, but without the blinkers. And without me having to be clever about it at all. I think this calls for a congratulatory drink. I might even dig out the old earrings.

forghettible thoughts by Beatrix