How secure is it to let your browser remember your password?

We generate a lot of of user IDs and passwords that need remembering, especially if we’re changing passwords every six months as we should.
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We live our lives more and more online, subscribing to shopping sites, social media accounts, special interest groups, even interacting with the state (NHS Direct, Tax Online).

That means we generate a lot of of user IDs and passwords that need remembering, especially if we’re changing passwords every six months as we should. So how can we manage them?

Storing all of your passwords in one basket?

We could write down all our passwords in a notebook but there are obvious risks if it gets lost or stolen.

Letting our browsers remember a new password whenever we open an account seems more convenient, but then your password is being stored by Google Chrome or Apple instead. Is this any safer than a notebook?

Web browser providers go to a lot of trouble to deter hackers, but nowhere is totally secure. No matter where you store your passwords, there’s always a risk of hacking, and when they’re kept in one place, every account you have could be compromised in one go.

What’s more likely is that cyber criminals will take the easier option and hack into your computer. And if your device gets lost or stolen, not only will you lose access to all of your accounts, but if someone opens up your machine there’s nothing to stop them from logging into any account you’ve visited.

No crossover between browsers

Not every device you use is accessed via the same web browser and some, like printers or mobile banking apps, aren’t accessible at all. If you use an Android phone and an Apple Mac you won’t be able to access all your passwords from one browser.

forghetti - doing away with password storage

At forghetti we’ve come up with a radical new way of managing passwords that doesn’t store them, works for any web browser and remains secure even if your device is stolen. We’ve invented a solution that gives you convenience and peace of mind.

Our forghetti app generates extremely long and complicated passwords for every online account you own and then forgets them.

To gain entry, you use a simple doodle on your keypad that only you know. This initiates a massively complex set of algorithms to generate and regenerate your password when you need it.

You don’t know your password and neither do we. Not only do you enjoy greater online security but you get to save your memory for more important things.

To find out more about how forghetti works, take a look at our website.

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