Google adds password checkup feature to chrome

Google launched today a new service called Password Checkup
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Google today launched a new service called Password Checkup that will check a user's saved passwords if they've been leaked and compromised in breaches at other services.

The service is currently available for the Google web dashboard and Android devices, but will also be added to the Chrome browser later this year.  You can read the complete article here.

This is great news as there is a glimmer of hope that people will become more aware of password security and the actual real threat that this represents to the majority of people enjoying all that is wonderful about the internet and the services therein.

For a little bit of fun…

I put the system to the test today on our forghetti Chrome account. The results speak for themselves!


No surprises: forghetti generates complex and unique passwords for all accounts

The problem that persists in using the password managers provided by Google, Apple and the likes is that they are linked to their ecosystem and therefore are not by default available across all devices and platforms.  Now really is the time to engage with this headache and resolve it once and forever… install a password management solution and forget passwords forever.

Why forghetti:

  • Reduce stress… only remember one Doodle
  • Strong and unique passwords everywhere
  • Get you passwords on any device and any platform
  • Secure password sharing with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Forget: Passwords, PIN numbers, Memorable words etc.
  • Use forghetti for free forever (up to 15 logins)

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