Every app download supports MQ: Transforming Mental Health

The new password generation app, forghetti has selected mental health research charity, MQ, as its chosen cause for 2019.
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  • forghetti has selected mental health research charity, MQ, as its chosen charity for 2019.
  • 1% of all 2019 revenue from app downloads will go to MQ.
  • MQ is one of the first major charities to fund mental health research projects, and its ambitions and core values match those of forghetti.

The new password generation app, forghetti has selected mental health research charity, MQ, as its chosen cause for 2019.

MQ will receive 1% of all revenue from subscription fees of the forghetti app.

Since forghetti’s inception, it has always been the intent of founder, Mike Crompton, to ensure the business model gave something back to society through its revenue mechanism. After considering many worthwhile causes, MQ was chosen because of its shared core values of integrity and sincerity. Mental health is a prevalent issue, particularly in today’s stress-ridden working environment, and for teenagers who are vulnerable online and to the pressures of social media.

On being selected as forghetti’s first charity, Victoria Floyd, Senior Partnerships Manager at MQ, says:

“We are thrilled that forghetti has chosen to support MQ as its first charity partner and we applaud them for their innovative work in creating an easy tool for people to manage their digital lives.  The pledge that forghetti has made to MQ will enable us to continue to champion and fund world-class research to transform the lives of everyone affected by mental illness.  We’re excited to be part of the start of forghetti’s journey and look forward to watching the business grow and develop over the years to come.”

Commenting on why he chose MQ as the first cause for forghetti, Mike Crompton, Founder and CEO, said:

“The original premise of forghetti was simplicity. In a time when it feels like everything is online, the simplest task of accessing my accounts online just became a daily source of stress as I reached for the right post-it note. So, when looking for a charity, mental health was one of the first causes that came to mind. It’s rife in the workplace and with young folk yet it is still considered a taboo topic, mired in poor understanding. It also resonates with me personally due to a family tragedy. The research that MQ is undertaking is transformative and invaluable leading to progressive and impactful solutions.  I hope the small step that forghetti is taking can raise as much money as possible to help them continue their great work.”

Though mental health continues to affect more and more people, especially in the workplace, research into understanding and treating the various conditions is severely under-funded. MQ recently found that per person with a mental illness, just £9 is spent on research. As the first major charity funding research into mental health, MQ has ambitious goals; to improve understanding of how and why mental health conditions occur, improve upon the current treatments available to sufferers, and prevent mental health issues arising in the first place. forghetti hopes to provide as much support as possible to achieve these goals. To put the contribution into financial terms, if forghetti were to reach 10,000 subscribers in 2019, this would equate to a donation of £1,600 to the charity.

forghetti, available on all devices (iOS, Android, Mac and PC), was designed to alleviate some of that day-to-day stress, removing the need for remembering numerous passwords and strengthening your online security in the process. The app allows you to access all of your online accounts with a simple doodle, unique to you. Gone are the days of clicking that ‘forgotten password’ link.

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