Protect your business

Do you have a fire alarm?


What about a password manager?


The human factor

Access to vital data sits at the human/IT interface.

Humans favour ease of use and speed of access to the detriment of tight privacy and security policies. Companies and their teams have credentials to manage across numerous platforms and inevitably human nature kicks in.

Employees tend to:

  • write passwords down

  • forget passwords

  • often create passwords that meet minimum criteria but are not secure

  • use the same passwords across multiple accounts

Let's face it, passwords are boring!



Resetting passwords often takes time. Looking for that piece of paper with the password on it takes time. Writing passwords down poses a security risk and takes time.

For a user, resetting a password is almost always a sidetracking nuisance. You may not realise it, but the reason that people tend to create weaker passwords is that they want to be fast, and they want to be fast because they want to be efficient.

Save time. Be efficient.

Why forghetti?

forghetti replaces all your passwords with a doodle and in doing so, does not store any passwords.

  • Organise your team with different permission levels

  • Share a doodle with anyone you invite to have bespoke access

  • Never have to create, remember, write down or misplace any passwords ever

Forget your passwords forever.


So what does it all cost?

forghetti is all about making life simple.

So we have set up our pricing for families, groups and businesses accordingly.

As a business owner, only you need to be a premium user of forghetti

£23.99 per annum then the rest of your team can be FREE users.

As free users of forghetti, they can have up to 15 of their own personal logins as well as access to one shared group of a premium user - ie your business group - as a read only user.  This means that they can doodle and generate forghettibles, but cannot add, edit or create them.

If they decide to upgrade to Premium you could then enable them to have greater privileges - but only if you want to!

You are in control of your business.

The detail: How does it work?

When you have installed forghetti premium, then follow the simple step guide below:

  • Create a new group in your forghetti app give it a name e.g. “Acme group”

  • Next: Create a group invitation code which you can then send to colleagues via SMS, Email, WhatsApp… Note that you can limit the number of members in a group, and also limit the timeframe within which people can use the code)

  • Ask your colleagues to install forghetti and select the option to join the Acme group, using your invitation code.

  • You will now see them as members within your group

  • You can then manage whether they are admin users or not and if someone was to leave the business or change teams, you can revoke their access to the group.

  • Agree on a “doodle” for the group and hey presto everyone can generate the same passwords, PIN numbers and Memorable words for all the logins you add into forghetti.

NOTE: Only the active members of your group have access to it.  When members leave the group, they are no longer able to generate the passwords from that group.