Discover what the forghetti password manager is all about

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Super strong passwords in a doodle

Important: Did you know it’s really important to have different passwords for everything? Don’t stress about remembering so many passwords, you just need to remember a simple doodle.


Use forghetti for all your accounts

Upgrade your existing passwords or generate new ones. Find your passwords organised in one place. No more post-it notes or spreadsheets for you.


Secure password sharing for all

Share passwords and control who has access to them. No more friends, colleagues or family members asking “What’s the password again?”


Generate passwords, don’t save them

Important: forghetti keeps no database of your passwords anywhere. Your passwords can only be generated by your doodle, which only you know.


Get your passwords on any device

Access forghetti from your phone, tablet or computer. We have apps for iOS, Android, Mac, PC and the web. All you need is an internet connection and your phone.


More than just passwords

Generate passwords, PIN numbers and memorable words. Perfect for banking or those recovery questions you don’t want to forget the answers to.

Three simple steps to peace of mind

1. Choose your login

Asset 1@2x.png

2. Draw your doodle

Asset 2@2x.png

3. Get your password!

Asset 3@2x.png

Doodle to get a password

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Hey presto!

Have a doodle

You can draw one shape or lots of shapes... when you are done click the tick and your doodle will give you a password.

Any doodle will generate a password, but when you draw YOUR doodle you get YOUR password.

Every password is different

You can draw the same doodle and you’ll get unique, brain-scramblingly complicated passwords for each login.

You only need to remember one little doodle.

Asset 4@2x.png
The Confoundry

Nothing is safer

Our Confoundry generates your passwords on demand when you need them. They are not saved in a database anywhere.

Family friendly

You can create groups of logins and share them with your family members or have them share some with you.

Limit who has access to what, and keep your personal passwords separate from the ones you share.

Asset 8@2x.png

Supporting mental health research

We are donating 1% of all our revenue generated from our launch until December 2019 to MQ, the leading mental health research charity.

To find out more about MQ, visit their website:

MQ: Transforming Mental Health, Registered Charity No. 1139916 & Scotland SCO46075

Nothing is safer.

Password managers are growing to be a crucial tool for the security of internet users. forghetti works with users’ doodles to generate and manage strong passwords on the fly.
— Cybersecurity Southampton


That's it.  There really is nothing to it.  Rest assured that your identity is safe and your memory bank free to fill up with more important things.