Forgetting couldn't be simpler

1. Choose your login

Asset 1@2x.png

2. Draw your doodle

Asset 2@2x.png

3. Get your password!

Asset 3@2x.png

Creating your signature doodle

Your doodle is the only thing that you'll ever need to remember.  It's how we generate immensely clever passwords whenever you need them.  You can draw anything you like.  Lines, dots, letters, numbers, symbols and squiggles.  Just make it easy to remember!

Asset 23@2x.png

Lines and dots

Asset 24@2x.png

Letters and numbers

Asset 25@2x.png

Shapes and symbols


The exact sequence you draw your doodle, including the direction of the lines, is combined with other pieces of information unique to your forghetti profile to create a super-safe, confusingly long and truly unique password.  And once you've copied your password it evaporates in an instant and is not saved.

Asset 26@2x.png

Random squiggles

Asset 27@2x.png

Number sequences

Asset 28@2x.png

Unique combinations


You can use one doodle to open all your apps, or make a few to access different profiles if you like.  Just join the dots on the Doodlepad and leave forghetti to do the rest.

Try the Doodlepad now and get creative with your signature doodle.

What will your doodle be?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Hey presto!

Doodle Testpad

Go on, have a go so that when you draw your signature doodle in the forghetti app, you'll be confident that you remember it, every time.

Share passwords safely

Sharing lots of passwords with lots of people can be a real headache.  Sharing a doodle is a doddle!  You can set up groups for your family, friends or colleagues and you can have as many different passwords and doodles as you like.  But keep it simple. That's what forghetti is all about.

Asset 8@2x.png
Asset 29@2x.png

Adding new logins

Easy as pie... and once in forghetti, you can forget them forever.

  1. Enter the name and any details of the login you want forghetti to remember

  2. Draw your signature doodle and hey presto, your password has been created.

  3. Forgotten, only to be recalled when you enter your doodle again.